Write a letter to the tooth fairy

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Tooth Fairy Letter Freebie

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10 Tooth Fairy Traditions and Ideas – Tuesday {ten}

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6 Things Every Parent Should Know about the Tooth Fairy

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What Really Matters – A Letter To My Teenage Son

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Designing a Tooth Fairy Letter Template

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Tooth Fairy Letter For A Girl

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Time for the tooth fairy to visit? Add some magic with a letter from the tooth fairy. This article includes many fun ideas for what to write. Usually I will dispatch Tooth Fairy Helper Argyle to find the lost tooth.

He is the best lost tooth finder in all of Tooth Fairyland. Often a child will write a special note for me and leave that note under the pillow. The fairy next door. iStock/Bogdan Kosanovic. One day when I picked up my four-year-old daughter, Kirsten, from the bus stop, she told me that a friend on the bus had said her mom was the tooth fairy.

A Tooth Fairy Letter Comes to Your Pillow! Now that you know your tooth fairy and she knows you, you can come here to send a Magic Message to your tooth fairy and tell her your latest news. Tooth Fairy Letter For A Girl Little girls will love this special letter from the Tooth Fairy in which the fairy praises the condition of the tooth and urges him to keep up with brushing, flossing, and dental visits.

I have two children. The oldest is only 2 years older. However I waited until the youngest lost her last tooth at age 11 & then in a letter that night with her last treat from the tooth fairy told her that her sweet mom has been the tooth fairy and it was a pleasure to do that for her.

Write a letter to the tooth fairy
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Sample Messages from the Tooth Fairy