Non discriminatory work environment paper

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Non-Discriminatory Work Environment Paper.

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This paper is to examine three possible methods for assuring a non-discriminatory work environment. Policy making and enforcement, supervisor and employee training, and zero tolerance initiatives will be discussed. Discrimination in the workplace is prevented in many aspects of the environment including recruiting, filling positions, assessing job performance, standards pertaining to promotion, training of employees, salaries as well as disciplinary practices.

Employment discrimination is a form of discrimination based on race, gender some of these barriers are non-discriminatory. Work and family conflicts is an example of why there are fewer females in the top corporate positions.

When companies let these insecurities affect their treatment of older workers- hostile work environment. and eliminate discrimination and harassment practices, employers need to have both their principles and their practices understood and applied at all levels in the organization.

Principles are the foundation on which applications and practices are built. They are the primary truths or distinctive opinions that form the basis of company culture. Good Practice Note Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity What’s Inside? 2 The Business Case for Diversity 4 Where Discrimination Can Occur 6 Standards on Non-Discrimination.

It is very critical to establish a non-discriminatory work environment for employees. Employees are afforded protection at the local, State, and Federal Government levels with specific laws which prohibit discrimination abuses and enforce current employment laws.5/5(1).

Non-Discriminatory Workplace Environment Non discriminatory work environment paper
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