How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation pakistan

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For the further details remember HEC website.

Online Attestation System and Degree Verification is established by HEC

Twice of attesting foreign certificates or referrals, applicants are written to get equivalence question from HEC that will be determined by the new cell of HEC.

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Online Degree Attestation And Verification System Is Introduced By HEC

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Documents Attestation in Karachi Pakistan

HEC saves online degree attestation system June 19, Grandeur Technology Web Desk islamabad — The Ranking Education Commission HEC has unmarried a secure and unusual online degree attestation system through which means can apply for attestation of your degrees while sitting at home, an exam said on Saturday.

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For PhD dukes, the verification process is introduced on two steps. This process may take 1 day every and maximum depends on the objective you selected.

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HEC Launches Online Degree Verification and Attestation System

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How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation lahore

Incomplete forms with vague entries must not be accepted. The commission has forearmed a new portal which the applicants will use for online publishing and account creation. It came up a few years to make degree valuable system easy and HEC has arrived to the people.

Authority letter duly attested by a Grade 17 officer for the authorized person. Copy of the Computerized Identity Card of the Authorized person.

HEC launches a convenient online system for degree attestation

We can assist you in degree attestation from HEC Islamabad, Pakistan on urgent basis. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has amended the policy for degree attestation, as an applicant for attestation will no longer be required to submit information about previous or subsequent academic qualifications.

Sample Authority Letter for HEC Degree Attestation Posted by Talha Omer on May 12, in Attestations | 38 comments An authorization letter for HEC is a legal document which gives permission to a third person to go and attest the degrees and transcripts on your behalf.

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has launched a new online degree attestation system through which applicants will be able to apply for attestation of their degrees online while. Question: How can I fill the form for attestation of Equivalence Certificates issued by HEC?

Answer: Please, write Higher Education Commission from the list of universities provided in the online form and select Pakistan from the list of countries.

2. Photocopies of Certificates and Degrees from Matric onwards. 3. Attach Equivalence of HEC in case of Bachelor or Master Degree from abroad. 4. Copy of National I.D. Card of Degree Holder. 5. In case of absence of degree holder, authority letter duly attested by Grade officer for authorized person.

6. Copy of I.D. Card of authorized person. 7.

How to write authority letter for hec degree attestation pakistan
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