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Those yielded most satisfactory results. While at the Hopkins-Nanjing Minute, Certificate students can use to take courses from any of the above areas of study:. A cover letter is the first piece of information about yourself that your potential employer will read. The main function of a cover letter is to highlight the position you are applying and the skills you possess.

It varies from firm to firm, and year to year.

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Some of the big 6 take upwards of 60 annually, other firms may take Sample Cover Letter – Graduate (Commerce) Andrea Douglass 27 Premier Avenue Scoresby VIC [email protected] 25 March Mr Brendon Johnson Graduate Recruitment Co-ordinator Shell Blackburn Rd.

If you want to find out how to write a graduate cover letter that sells, then this is the ultimate guide for you! Before Starting.

Example Cover Letters. The Monash University Employment and Career Development Centre has some great examples of cover letters. It’s advised that you don’t copy these (they are real graduate cover letters.

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