Cover letter for shadowing a doctor

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Physician Assistant (BS+MS), 5-Year

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ACUPUNCTURE OPPORTUNITIES: November Prosser, WA - Thompson Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy is looking for an Acupuncturist to join our team of professionals.

This is a well established practice (40 years) seeing + patients every week. Our present acupuncturist is re-locating so you would be responsible for taking over her busy practice.

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Permalink. I could not agree with you being in the caribbean system and the struggles you face at each level from quality to the aura surrounding a caribbean is only for those who are extremely strong willed at becoming a doctor.

PA School Letters of Reference. Here are two letters of recommendation I received when applying to PA school. I am not posting them here as a way to fluff my feathers but merely to serve as an example of what I included as part of my actual PA school application.

Cover letter for shadowing a doctor
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