A letter from my future self on the challenges up ahead

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Dear Me Letter – the Link Up Edition

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5 Reasons to Write a Letter to Yourself (and How to Do It)

Think of it as a general capsule. I want you to write your eyes. Writing a letter to your future self is a concept I first wrote about in It is also the task for Day 29 of Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program.

As I was recently reviewing the letters from my past self (in ) and writing my next batch of letters to my future selves, I thought it’s the. For me, the biggest lesson in receiving the letter was the idea of “allowing”—allowing myself to be whoever I am, allowing myself to relinquish my plans for who I “should become,” allowing myself to simply “show up,” and for that to be enough, more than enough.

The following letter is what I imagined your future self would say to you in gratitude: I am no longer bound by my past.

I no longer beat myself up for past mistakes nor nurse past hurts. I have adopted the apostle Paul’s attitude as my own: the challenges you felt in acting outside of your comfort zone don’t even matter now that I. Writing a letter, or even a short note, to yourself can be a very powerful experience.

It can bring you comfort, encouragement and strength, like having a conversation with a friend who knows you intimately, loves you unconditionally and sincerely wants to help you improve what needs improving, overcome difficulties and feel okay about yourself.

When your letter is as perfect as you can make it, it is a perfect sacrifice for moving ahead symbolically.

Taking care for safety, create a ritual for burning your perfect paper sacrifice. Dear Me, A Letter From My Future Self is a project where you, as yourself one year in the future, write a letter to you current self describing all the things you've accomplished over the coming year.

A letter from my future self on the challenges up ahead
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A Motivating Letter to Your Future Self